About Da Terrinha Foods

Our story

Since its inception, Da Terrinha has undergone several innovation processes, reaching a high quality in the tapioca hydrated gum segment, being present today in more than 15 Brazilian states and also abroad.

Our mission is to provide consumers with a mix of healthy and practical products.

Without added preservatives, it is a 100% natural, gluten-free product that does not need to be sifted, making today part of the diet of millions of people.

In addition to its flagship – tapioca -, the family of products today also has a line of straw potatoes, healthy snacks and handmade farofas, products made with natural and typically Brazilian ingredients.


Top Quality Brazil 2014

Top Quality Brazil 2014

First prize award. It aims to recognize, differentiate, honor and publicize the Private Initiative committed to quality in its actions and services focused on sustainable development with social responsibility. The highlights of each sector are indicated by the main class entities (Associations, Federations, Employees’ Unions, Business Centers and Reference Entities), which constitute CNHM – National Council of Honors and Merits. The CNHM, an independent and sovereign body, selects the nominees and officializes the candidates in the categories Gold, Silver and Bronze, according to the award criteria.

Latin American Quality- Institute-2015

Latin American Quality- Institute-2015

First prize award. The Latin American Quality Institute is a private non-profit organization founded in Panama City in 2001. Its main objective is to encourage and support the competitiveness of Latin American companies and organizations. It is qualified as the broadest institution regarding the development of standards and quality standards in Latin America and one of the most important of its kind in the world.