Who we are

A little of our history

Since the beginning, Da Terrinha Alimentos has gone through several innovation processes, reaching a high quality in the tapioca hydrated gum segment, being present today in more than 15 Brazilian states and also abroad.

Our mission is to provide consumers with a mix of healthy and practical products.

With no preservatives added, it is a 100% natural, gluten free product that does not need to be sifted and is now part of the diet of millions of people.

In addition to its main product - tapioca -, today Da Terrinha family already has more than 50 products, including snacks, potato chips, farofa crumbs, crackers, juice, sauces, coconut derivatives and not to stop there, many new things are yet to come. come over!


Top Quality Brazil 2014

Top Quality Brazil 2015
 National Reference and Business Quality 2015
Latin American Quality Institute 2015
Best Gastronomy of the Year 2016
Latin American Quality Institute 2016
Top Quality Brazil 2016
The Winner Awards 2017
Latin American Quality Institute 2017